Terms and Conditions

  1. Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of site inspection. Quotes outside this 30 day period may be accepted at the discretion of West Coast Arbor Service (WCAS)
    WCAS reserves the right to stop work at any time due to safety issues or concerns.
  2. While every effort is made to ensure your property is preserves and no damage is done, tree lopping by its very nature is dangerous and physical. Scuffing, small scratches and green marks may be visible in areas of restricted access or across paths. Unless expensive machinery such as cranes or cherry pickers are brought in and drastically increase the quote, these marks are almost impossible to avoid and will not be covered by WCAS insurance. In most cases these will fade with rain or light rubbing with water. The removal of these marks is not the responsibility of WCAS.
  3. Where logs need to be felled from height, it is inevitable that some damage be done to grassed areas. All efforts will be made to restore the area to its former standard however the customer accepts that some marks will remain.
  4. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure pets, children or any other persons stay well away from the work area. Should children wish to watch tree lopping operations, it is at the discretion of the site supervisor and safety equipment may be required.
  5. Work is to be scheduled at a convenient day and time for both WCAS and the customer. Delays due to mechanical problems, weather or other unforseen issues will be relayed to the customer as soon as possible and another date will be arranged.
  6. On the date of commencement, WCAS reserves the right to advise the customer of any increases in price to the initial quoted amount. This increase will only be as a result of changes to the tree, environment, site, access or changes to the scope of work as originally quoted. Some areas of the works may not be visible until tree lopping operations begin. Should it be revealed after commencing that unseen obstacles are revealed, WCAS reserves the right to bring these to the attention of the customer for reasonable revision of the quote.
  7. If stumpgrinding is to be completed, a 3rd party contractor will be required to access the site in the days following the tree work to grind out the stump. The stump will be ground down 300mm below the ground level or as low as possible depending on obstructions such as pipes or drains.
  8. Any stump pulp created by grinding is not removed from site by the contractor or WCAS, this is your responsibility. Please be aware that large stumps can result in an even larger pile of wood pulp.
  9. While every effort is made to ensure the highest quality of work by our sub-contractors, any issues with 3rd party contractors will be taken up with the contractor in question. We do not mark up the costs of our sub-contractors, we purely pass this amount along to you. Should we pay the contactor on your behalf, this is for simplicity of paying one party and their work will not be considered to fall under our scope of works.
  10. Payment is due on day of completion, unless agree otherwise. This payment may be made in the form of Cash, Cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer into the nominated WCAS account. WCAS reserves the right to forward along any outstanding payments that are not received within 14 days to a debt collection agency for resolution.